You can't charge your phone to 95% in 40 minutes. We tell you why

You can't charge your phone to 95% in 40 minutes. We tell you why For a long time, charging was carried out using wires connected to the outlet above or below the device. Nowadays, this technology is only used in the direction of the outlet itself, namely to recharge the battery.Wires are connected to the outlet directly, either directly below (cables that reach into the ground or onto buildings are the most popular), or directly above (the wire is pulled out of the outlet itself). But it is not needed, because the battery is fully charged when the phone is left unattended. But if you attach the charger to the wall, it will need to be removed, and if possible, you can connect it via a short to a plug on the other side of the wall. In this case, the main reason for disconnecting the battery is the inability to charge. The other reason for discharging the battery is the inability to access the Internet. In the process of discharging, the battery consumes energy, and therefore significantly reduces its capacity. Hence the need to connect the charger to the outlet directly below the device. In most cases, the wireless charging unit will last for a long time, since with its presence, the user will not have to wait long for the best time to use. It is also important to note that during the process of charging, the battery is charged to 85-90%. In this regard, it is unlikely that you will be able to leave the outlet as long as 40 minutes. The reason for this is the long duration of operation of the battery. This is also the case with the most popular wireless chargers. It is not uncommon for a typical smartphone to last up to 2-3 days when charging.Included with the model: USB Type-C cable, charger, and documentation.Stylus. The smartphone in the package is designed to have a decent standard camera, but it's not the fifth-core one. So the front camera is not good. In addition, the SIM card slot is not designed for two SIM cards. The price of the device is 3,990$. The original article is here